Photo Credit: Lengdobler Ursula Copyright
Cultivar Name: Alexander Gutfeld Origin: Germany
Pod Parent: Columbine [Not Registered] Bloom Type: Single Regular
Pollen Parent: Heindl Austria [Not Registered] Size Range : Large 7-8 Inches 180-200 mm
Hybridizer: Lengdobler Ursula   Date Registered: 11/22/2006
Grower: Lengdobler Ursula
Reg/Mini: Regular Color Group: yellow orange
Propagation: Seeder: Excellent, Pollen: Good, Ability to root: Poor (few takes), Performance: Graft Only,  
Bloom Colors: Color of Veining: Yellow, Eye Zone Color: very dark Red, Number of Colors: five,
Bloom Characteristics: Form Of Bloom: Recurved early and flattens out, Bloom Feature: Ruffled and Tufted, Petal Overlap: less than 1/2, Veining: Extensive, Substance: 3=average, Duration of Bloom: more than 2 day, Bloom Presentation: Upward, Eye Zone Size: Medium,
Leaf Characteristics: Leaf Size: Medium = 2-5" /5-13 cm long, Leaf Appearance: Glossy,
Bush Characteristics: Bush Development: Average Grower, Bush Size: Medium = 3-6 ft /90-180 cm, Bush Width: As wide as high, Bush Form: Normal Shaped,