Photo Credit: N/A
Cultivar Name: Big Tango Origin: Australia
Pod Parent: Unknown Bloom Type: Single
Pollen Parent: Unknown Size Range : Very Large 8-9 Inches 200-230 mm
Hybridizer: Beard Stan E   Date Registered: 12/31/2002
Grower: Beard Stan E
Reg/Mini: Regular Color Group: Orange
Propagation: Yes  
Bloom Colors:  Stigma Pads Dull Grey Red (GP 185 A), Staminal Column Top Portion Azalea Pink (R 38 B) Bottom Portion Ivory (OW 159C), Large Eye Zone Color: Creamy White (OW 159 D) Surrounded By Large Suffused Area Deep Flamingo Pink (R 55 A) With Small Section Of
Bloom Characteristics:  Heavy Texture, Fully Overlapped, Ruffled, Highly Tufted, Almost Flat, Cartwheel.
Leaf Characteristics:  Medium To Dark Green, Large Size, Heavy Texture, Almost Flat, Cordate/Reniform, Acute, Crenate, Prominent Veins.
Bush Characteristics:  Medium, Upright, Bushy, Recumbent, Fast Grower On Own Root.