Photo Credit: Copyright 2017 Dijana Bilos
Cultivar Name: Di's Aurora Origin: Germany
Pod Parent: Five O' Clock Shadow Bloom Type: Single Regular
Pollen Parent: Bavarian Soft Colors Size Range : Medium 6-7 Inches 150-180 mm
Hybridizer: Lengdobler Ursula   Date Registered: 01/05/2017
Grower: Bilos Dijana
Reg/Mini: Regular Color Group: Orange
Propagation: N/A  
Bloom Colors: Color of veining: Yellow, Color of Spots and Splashes: None, Eye Zone Color: Red, Number of Colors: three, Number of Rings of Color: None, Color of Stamen Pads: Yellow
Bloom Characteristics: Form of Bloom: Flat, Bloom Features: Ruffled and Tufted, Petal Overlap: less than 1/2, Veining: extensive, Substance: above average, Duration: more than 2 days, Presentation: Upward, Eye Zone Size: small
Leaf Characteristics: N/A
Bush Characteristics: N/A