Tuesday, 20 February 2018
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SOTY 2004 Champions




These are the photos representing the winners of the Seedling of the Year [SOTY] & Hibiscus of the Year [HOTY], which is the top 5 places in the competition, and the runners up, the bloom winning the most votes is listed first, and then the next points down the list, as chosen by the six judges from the 14 entries, which the members chose from all of the finalists in the Seedling competitions for 2004.The top 5 will now go into the HOTY for 2004 and be grown for 3 years, at nominated evaluation stations.
The seedling which won 5th place has been withdrawn as the hybridiser does not think it is worthy of being included in the IHS HOTY program so the winner of the 6th place moves up into the HOTY competition. Congratulations to Richard Johnson on his win of the Seedling of the Year for 2004, with his seedling Tahitian Cherry Blossom, Richard has won the first prize of a Black Pearl which he has the honour of presenting to himself, and with the other top 4 winners it will now go into the 2004 Hibiscus of the Year competition. Also congratulations to the other entrants in the HOTY competition.



TAHITIANCHERRYBLOSSOMRJ_31-12 RainbowSandsBKerr_27-8-04 Topaz_Glory_x_Fifth_DimensionHGommer_24-6-04
Tahitian Cherry Blossom is the Seedling of the Year with 74.20 points, and was entered by Richard Johnson.

Rainbow Sands is second, entered by Brian Kerr with 74.16 points.

Topaz Glory X Fifth Dimension was third, entered by Hendrik Gommer, with 73.66 points


Tahitian Tropical Splendor is fourth, entered by Richard Johnson with 72.80 points

Misfire X Smokey Mountain is fifth, entered by Allan & Elaine Little, with 72.66 points, was withdrawn from the HOTY competition.

Early American is now in the HOTY program, entered by Larry Johnson with 67.83 points.





MAGICIANS_HAT_X_JUNES_YOYRM_29-4-04 GoldenSunsetJP_24-6-04 TD_BCarran_7-7-04

Magician's Hat X June's Joy, entered by Richard Mansbridge with 65.80 points

Golden Sunset entered by J & R Purdie with 64.66 points

TD [ Scarlet Angel X Red Snapper per] entered by Bob Carran with 64.16 points.


Enchanted Angel entered by Bob Carran with 62.83 points.

Tahitian Sunburst entered by Richard Johnson with 60.80 points

Leopard entered by Brian Kerr with 60.00 points.

TAHITPIROUETTERJ_19-4-04 Black_OpalRCornwell_30-8-04  

Tahitian Pirouette entered by Richard Johnson with 59.80 points.

Black Opal entered by Reg & Joyce Cornwell, with 53.80 points.